We are Doogle. Let us tell you about ourselves!

Who are we?

Doogle began in 2006 as an independent organisation, but founder Tony du'Gay was plying his trade first as a software developer and later as a software tester way before that date.  He brings to bear 20 years of experience from many industry sectors and from working with many organisations both large and small.  So Doogle can draw on experience from spells working in R&D, Telecommunications, Airlines, Oil and Gas, Building Services, Financial Services and Marketing.  All this experience can be brought to bear on your organisation's project - Doogle will quickly be up to speed understanding your business needs and the needs of your customers. Therefore our technical solutions will bring business benefits enhancing your organisation's performance.  Doogle has long term relationships with other trusted companies and individuals who can be pulled into your project, but overseen and project managed by Doogle.  Doogle is based in Devon, near the market town of Tiverton, in close reach of Plymouth, Exeter, Truro, Barnstable, Torquay, Taunton and Bristol - the whole of the south west of England.