We are Doogle. We offer software testing services, IT recruitment services and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)/Internet Marketing services







Does your organisation have a web site? Great!  Does your site have any bugs in it or does it not always do what it should?  Your web site reflects the quality of your products and services - if it doesn't function properly, the reputational risk is huge. Don't lose sales! What if a financial transaction goes wrong? The booking for a room or flight goes missing? What if your business involves the manufacture of car parts, or health monitoring equipment or building maintenance?  Bugs in your software can have serious consequences. Don't have the time or staff to do proper QA - ask Doogle to help eradicate such bugs. We can enter into long term assignments with companies or we can work on a per-hour basis with smaller organisations.


Finding it hard to recruit the right technical IT staff? Finding it too time consuming? It would be really good if you knew an organisation who still work 'at the coal face' and they could identify the right talent for you - provide a short list for you to interview - not send any time wasters. Get in touch with Doogle now to discuss your staffing needs. We know where these people hang out - we'll talk to them, suss them out, and only send the ones right for your organisation for you to chose from.


So - you've got a great web site and e-commerce application.  Awesome!  Trouble is, no-one knows about it - as part of your marketing mix, a great way to drive more traffic to your web site (and to potentially grow sales) is to improve your search engine ranking. This is quite a task and requires expertise - contact Doogle today and let's discuss tactics.