Search for Bugs. Doogle is experienced at the functional testing of software using manual techniques or using automation.

Search for Bugs

Doogle is a poacher turned game-keeper. Having a background in software development, we know where weaknesses often lie in software and can find those bugs fast - before your customers do! We have experience in a vast array of tools and techniques to suit your organisation and can also help you in your choice of technologies. There are lots of choices to make - which bug tracking tool, should we automate tests or not, which automation tools should we use. It doesn't end there - Doogle can help your organisation set up continuous build/integration processes and can help you analyse which parts of your software are well tested and where the gaps lie using code coverage techniques.  Examples of the tools we have at our disposal (not exhaustive) are QTP, Silk Test, Selenium/Java, JIRA, Bugzilla, CruiseControl, Anthill, EMMA and Cobertura.