Doogle Success with Remote Customers

Doogle Success with Remote Customers (24/1/12)

Doogle has been working successfully now for 5 years with remote customers in London.  

The benefits are many - Doogle gets on with discrete projects for customers without getting bogged down with the day to day in the customer's office - Doogle spends very little time in meetings for example and can deliver projects sometimes quicker than a resource in the office. New technology such as Skype, web cams, Google 'hangouts' and the like mean that communication is very good still. Doogle doesn't take up any room in the customer's office - thus there is no increased pressure on space or office costs. It is useful for Doogle, as an independent, to look at your software - you could do this of course by 'off-shoring' the work - but there are benefits with this 'near-shore' approach - Doogle can be in your office first thing the next day or later that day if really necessary - no expensive flights or hotels necessary - and Doogle is fresh and has no jet lag! Also there are no time zone differences, so Doogle is online when you are and ready for an old-school telephone conference or something more modern!