London Olympics 2012 - remote working

London Olympics 2012 (written April 2012)

Many City firms will be making or will have already made arrangements for their staff to work remotely during the London 2012 Olympics.  The British government has urged them to do so in order to maintain productivity - for example read this article here

But what after the Olympics?  We at Doogle believe that remote working should have a far more prominent place in the tool kit of every business.  We have been providing our software testing services remotely for clients with great success for 6 years now.

Once the dust has settled after the Olympics, get in touch with Doogle to discuss the benefits of outsourcing some of your software testing needs to Doogle.  

Doogle has a track record of delivering excellent service to London customers at a fraction of the cost of City prices and our near-shoring model means there are no time-zone difficulties - we can even be at your offices in a matter of hours.  

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