Doogle Success with Remote Customers

Doogle Financial Services success (12/12/2011)

Doogle worked on a large automation project for a big corporate client in London. This project was extended multiple times indicating the business benefits the client received and lasted for 18 months. Here are a couple of quotes from two of the client-side team:

"I have been running the Futures Routing testing at xxxx for 2 years now and Tony worked as a QTP consultant for us. His understanding of our GUI and underlying trading systems was first class and I could rely on him to take the manual tests and requirements we gave them and turn these into repeatable automated scripts. The nature of the business we work in means that there are often changes in both requirements and priorities and this proved to be no problem for Tony; he remained focused and flexible enough to adapt to the changes. The Smoke script that he developed enabled us to concentrate on our manual regression in the safe knowledge that all the fundamental functionality was working as expected. This was of real benefit to me. I found Tony to be a top bloke and I would welcome working with him in the future"

"Tony tested the spread algorithm enhancements of our system. He had a genuine desire to understand the area and a good ability to grasp some of its finer points. This led to effective test coverage. He was also a good laugh to boot"