Doogleonline goes live! (And other news)

Doogleonline goes live (19/1/2012)

It's been a long while coming, but as with so many technology businesses, Doogle has been so busy with customers, there's been no time to do any marketing!  The advent of marks the intent for 2012 to be a year of growth for Doogle Ltd. We aim to continue to provide our services to corporate customers and to grow our customer base to include more and more SME's and start ups who perhaps cannot afford to employ an individual for software testing. Our pay-per-hour model for smaller organisations aims to do just that. Doogle aims to provide a flexible service to provide software testing as and when required and to grow with our customers.  

Also, Doogle is looking to diversify. New for 2012 is our IT recruitment service. We believe that practitioners are best placed to recruit technical staff. We can sniff out the blaggers and filter them out. If your organisation needs a shortlist to fill a software testing role, just ask Doogle and we will send you only the best candidates - no time wasters!

And finally, another new offerring for 2012, is search engine optimisation. Drawing on Doogle's blend of technical and marketing skills, we feel well placed to offer internet marketing services. You are reading this - let Doogle help you get more traffic and potential customers on your web site.